Terms of Service

Simply Passion LLC holds ownership or licenses for specific technology that it has developed, which is offered commercially through mobile and web applications to help manage truck and motor coach fleets effectively in North America. By using the Applications and receiving Support, or through the purchase or rental of Hardware (as defined below), you or your organization (referred to as the “Customer”) agree to adhere to the terms of service and conditions outlined herein (collectively known as the “Terms of Service”).

By accepting the Terms of Service through A) accepting within the mobile application, B) signing the order form, or C) using, installing, accessing, or activating the applications or hardware after being informed of these terms, the customer confirms understanding and agreement to comply with all conditions, including Infinity Eld’s Privacy Policy. These terms and any order form constitute the full agreement, superseding all previous agreements on this subject. If the customer does not agree to the terms, they should not use, install, access, or activate the applications or hardware. Competitors of Infinity Eld or its affiliates are prohibited from entering into the Terms of Service or accessing the applications.

Confidential Information

All confidential and proprietary data and information related to a party or its affiliates, whether written or oral. This includes intellectual property, business operations, operational methods, customer details, personnel information, financial, production, scientific, and technical data, formulas, strategies, studies, reports, and evaluations.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property owned by Simply Passion LLC, including its Confidential Information, Applications, Hardware, Documentation, and any modifications, enhancements, or additions. This encompasses technical data, databases, inventions, designs, methods, know-how, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, software (both object and source code), models, patterns, drawings, specifications, prototypes, discoveries, techniques, systems, works of authorship, ideas, and concepts, along with all related intellectual property rights, regardless of whether they are patentable or registerable under copyright, trademark, trade secret, or similar laws.

General Support and Maintenance

Infinity Eld will provide support during business days throughout the term. However, support will be unavailable during system maintenance or upgrade periods. Infinity Eld will notify customers of scheduled downtimes via email to the designated address. Support excludes issues caused by customer misuse, unauthorized alterations or modifications of the product, or compatibility issues from combining the Applications or Hardware with non-approved software or hardware.

Customer Confirmation

The Customer confirms that it has thoroughly read and understood the Terms of Service. It acknowledges that it has been advised to regularly review the Terms of Service for updates and to seek independent legal advice prior to acceptance. The Customer has either obtained such advice or opted not to.